Re: Southern Railway nomenclature

D. Scott Chatfield

Schuyler Larrabee asked:

Stretching the topic here a little, though I am asking about FREIGHT
trains . . . ca. 1955. What were Southern Railway local trains called? DL&W and ERIE local trains were referred to as "Drills," "Roustabouts," "Turns" when appropriate, "Runs," and probably a few others. What was the terminology for the Southern trains. And ditto for a train that might have run through to a yard on another railroad, if such a train happened.

My time at the Southern came in the '80s, but such trains were called "jobs" (didn't go far from the originating point), "turns" (went further, often between yards), and "transfers" (to other roads). That said, the "Center Road Job" was a turn from Inman Yard in Atlanta to the former CofG Industry Yard south of town, so there were no firm rules. I gather some of the names had been around for years.

Hopefully someone, ahem, older can add to or refute my answer for circa 1955.

Scott Chatfield

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