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Ben Lee on the Southern Railway might be a good bet. He is a retired Southern engineer and was friends with Shelby Lowe. He has answered many operating questions on that list. You can join and check the archives.

He explained to me the history of pulpwood racks and other late transition era freight cars on the Southern, so I mention him on list. But he's not a modeler, so you'll have to catch him on another list.


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    What you are running into in your search regarding the nomenclature in the way SR railroad's cars were handled in groups is, what a lot of folks who have gotten together veterans panels for their historical society conventions have already found. 

     If a person completes high school and then hires on to the rails at age 18, in 1955, today they would be 78 (age 18 + 60 years).

    Railroading is a tough life. I am not a railroad vet however have been fortunate to know a few and been more fortunate to befriend some. I have a great amount of respect for these folks. For many, any promotion or move up the ladder meant moving to a new city/state. Tough on wives, tough hours already on marriages, tough on kids who never saw dad half the time anyway. 

For a railroader, age 78 is pretty old.                     However, I wish you luck.           Jim Dick - St. Paul  

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