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SFRD 4413, turkeys, New Orleans, RR-34
SFRD 5072, meat, Oakland CA, RR-37
SFRD 20510, turkeys, Seattle, RR-29
SFRD 23411, turkeys, Seattle, RR-04

SFRD 23721, empty, RR-05
SFRD 25776, turkeys, New York City, RR-09
SFRD 35598, turkeys, New York City, RR-32
SFRD 38824, turkeys, Seattle, RR-34



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I have a list of refrigerator cars iced by the SP&S Railway in Portland'
Oregon during October 1945.

Among the usual suspects for car owners , I found several cars with
initials "RD".

They are
car numbers, load, destination
23721, empty
35598, turkeys, New York City
5072, meat, Oakland CA
38824, turkeys, Seattle
4413, turkeys, New Orleans
23411, turkeys, Seattle
20510, turkeys, Seattle
25776, turkeys, New York City

I checked a copy of ORER dated January 1942. There is no listing for
"RD" in the front, and I don't believe that "RD" is short for RDG since
they have no refrs. in any of these series. Also, it is not listed at

Does anyone know what company used the initials "RD"?

Thank you for any assistance.

Best regards,
David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Ry. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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