Re: Photo-etched parts

Bruce Smith


You obviously missed my clinic at Cocoa Beach last year, which was on using this system to photo etch at home :)

Bottom line is that it works well if you are careful and treat the chemicals with the respect that they are due.  It is only useful for making smaller sheets (3" x 5" is about the maximum and smaller than that is better).  

Pretty much everything in the kit is needed, although as noted the quality of things like the apron and gloves are not great and so I used my own.

SAFETY FIRST!  If you get this kit, please, please read all of the instructions and treat the etchant and other solutions with a great deal of respect.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Does anyone have any experience with the Micro-Mark Pro-Etch System? Does it work to satisfaction? Is it over-priced? Are there better systems? Are they selling you a bunch of extra crap you don't need? Any advise is welcomed. Thanks.  Mark Feddersen  Denver, Iowa

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