Re: Testors Decal Printing Results


What’s the reports on the suitability of the Xerox solid ink printers for decals???

I took them up on their offer of several sample printed pages, and the quality is a pure dream to behold.

I think that’s a no more than a $600 printer.

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Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Dec 31, 2015, at 2:04 PM, 'John Hagen' wrote:

The Testors system works fine IF you need black lettering. Of course if the car you are lettering happens to be white, then anything works. So if you are doing certain tank cars or covered hoppers ………
As you noted you can use white decal paper and print things like signs, logos or anything that has straight edges that may be cut out easily. But that would make lettering an impossible chore.
The only affordable, home user type printer that works for decals is the Alps, now long out of production and working units are disappearing. There is a company in Japan that can repair them but the cost is prohibitive ($1500.00 + including shipping – a big part of the cost) and way too much for my pockets, especially with the ink supply dwindling as that is also out of production now.
I keep watching and hoping that something will turn up but the truth is no one is going to build a printer for the purpose of decal printing; the market is just too small. Such a printer must be able to print white both as a color and as a base layer under colors for opaqueness and be able to print multiple layers of color without losing registration. The Alps can do this. Finicky, touchy and a steep learning curve that required one to deal with challenge and everlasting frustration but they do the job.
Maybe in 2016 ……..
John Hagen

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