"Live Fire" Airbrushing Acrylics at Prototype Rails 2016

Bill Welch

I thought it would be helpful if i provide more details about what I  am calling the "Live Fire" painting event next Saturday, Jan. 9 at the 16th Annual Prototype Rails. I have been painting my freight cars with Acrylic paints since I began building them in about 1992. Over the years I have noticed that many modelers have had frustrating experiences with Acrylics or have an outright aversion to them. In the beginning I was frustrated too but I was determined to succeed and I persevered until I felt like I had succeeded. Mostly it was having the right Airbrush. I will be talking about my experience in the the "Airbrushing 101. . ." clinic.

During the past couple of years I have gone a little bit insane and have accumulated ten airbrushes and it occurred to me that with a little cooperation from the organizers of Prototype Rails—and as it came to pass Accurail and Badger—maybe I could give some people a chance to spray Modelflex paint—my main choice now for many years—with a Airbrush properly equipped to spray it.

During the "Live Fire" event there will be four different Double Action Internal Mix airbrushes available to spray with:

Badger 155 Anthem Siphon feed
Badger 105 Patriot Gravity Feed
GREX TG Gravity Feed
Passche Talon Gravity Feed

These will all have the large needle/nozzle combinations I have found necessary to be successful spraying. I will also have an inexpensive siphon feed ABEST airbrush as a backup and incase someone wants to try a siphon feed and the 155 is not available

If you follow this link you can see the Sign-up Sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqtvs67rouzejxu/Livefire%20Painting%20Signup%20Sheet.pdf?dl=0

This will be available to participants beginning about 12 PM Friday, January 8. I thought it would be helpful to see this in advance so interested people can do some planning. Some of you may want to plan to airbrush with a friend. When you PRINT your name in LEGIBLY please feel free to write in your Airbrush preference. Obviously the first people to signup in each time slot will have their first choice.

Not mentioned in the Prototype Rails 2016 info but informally/irregularly a couple of times at least I will have a small table in one of of the hallways with several airbrushes for those that  would like to get a feel for several airbrushes and see what is easy and comfortable for them.

Bill Welch

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