Re: Ice refrigerators (Frozen Turkeys) Early 40-foot Mechs

Bill Welch

However Jim. . .

They were around, and even in the Pacific northwest west to be loaded. Here is FGE's initial gas fueled Thermo-King car out on one of its trials runs being loaded with Birdseye products.

Note the New Date. This car was converted from an ice bunker car. FGE quickly adopted the new sliding door technology for their new Mechs.

Many of those 152 Mechs in service were forty foot cars, all FGE of course. I wonder when those folks at "Shake 'n Take" are going to move into the 21st Century and do a project just begging for some Photo-Etch. Accurail has the correct steel reefer w/sliding doors to model the majority of the 40-footers. They had fuel tanks hanging under the floor and all sorts of interesting detail.

Just begging to be done in styrene (with the Detroit Diesel sound) is the 50-foot FGE/WFE/BRE 1953 design built through 1957 with the only major change being the rib design of the Improved Dreadnaught ends. One thousand cars with roller bearing trucks.

Bill Welch

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