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Dave Sarther

You might also consider making a visit to a local roofing company and enquire about some scrap pieces of lead.  At one time Home Depot and other big box home stores sold lead shields/covers for vent stacks that went through a house roof.  I have not walked the HD plumbing/roofing departments lately, but I'd give it a quick walk through and I'll bet you can find something there.   Lead sheets are common for roofers who are creating roof flashing around chimneys and walls alongside a pitched roof.  It is a common material for roofers to have on their trucks.  Occasionally, when I see a local roofer working I'll ask for a scrap piece.  Once I explain that I want to use it a weight for a model railroad car they are more than happy to dig around and find some scrap pieces.  That last way of procuring the material is tax free and as a bonus you don't have to pay for shipping.
Later,  Dave Sarther    Tucson, AZ

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Bud Rindfleisch asked:
"I am looking for someone who might be willing to split a couple of pounds of lead shot for weighting hollow center sills or such. When I last checked this stuff can be purchased in 25 lb boxes for shotgun shell reloading. I don't need 25 lbs! The only smaller quantities I've seen are from Detail associates or Details West (I forget) called "pourable lead". Not enough to do the number of cars I need it for and quite expensive in this small quantity. I could probably use about 3-4 lbs to last a lifetime."

McMaster-Carr sells lead shot for $37.43 per 5 lb package.
Ben Hom

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