Steam Era Freight Cars Web Site

Jim Betz

Hi all,

I didn't know about this web site (or had forgotten it?) until Ben
put a link to it. Thanks Ben!!!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday bouncing all around that
web site (time well spent!). It appears that the last updates
to it were done a little over a decade ago. Does anyone
know what happened that it is no longer being updated?

The type of info that is on this site - especially being able to put
the cursor on a car and get details for that car (and links to others
that are similar) is incredible. And the primary 'era focus' of the
site is "right in our wheel house" (STMFC, of course).

One 'deficiency' is that there is very little coverage of Western RRs -
especially when comparing the coverage of a wide range of Eastern
RRs. But I can live with that compared to not having the site at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations for - easy to use -
software that allows you to magnify/zoom the images? I'm
using Win10 on the computer that I do this kind of work on
and would prefer references to the more commonly available
packages/tools ...
- Jim B.

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