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I'm generally in the one-piece-body camp.  But if the kit is intended to represent a prototype that had roof and end variants and those parts could made separate to permit the modeler some options, then do that.

If the roof and ends are separate purely for reasons of painting, then please offer the one-piece body.

Door hinges are another issue. They should be cast on, but I wish there was an easier way to do a neat job of painting them.

              ....Mike Del Vecchio

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A debate is going on within a circle of resin manufacturers regarding
how best to deal with reefer kits. In particular cars with multi-color
paint jobs.
The gist of the issue is this;
It's agreed that one piece bodies are required.
But do we offer one piece bodies with false ends and separate roofs and
floors, which will allow for multi-color paint jobs with out masking. Or
do we make the bodies as complete as possible?
You guys are the buyers, what's your preference?

Pierre Oliver

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