Re: An informal poll

Tom Madden

John Barry wrote:

> I vote for one piece bodies with separate floors.  If there are end variations, false ends.

That's a different matter than making the ends separate for ease of painting. With one piece body resin kits, where you are presumably looking for more accuracy than with even high-end injection molded kits, the practice is to make a separate body pattern for each variation. (If there are end variations, there are probably other variations that the plastic manufacturer will ignore but the resin manufacturer will include.)

It doesn't involve as much work as you might expect. Most of us use submasters  (first generation castings) as production patterns because they tend to be more durable than the original patterns. So you make a pattern of variation "A", make a mold and a few castings of that, then modify the pattern to variation "B", make another mold and a few castings of that, etc. etc. Keeps the kit price lower than you'd have with false ends and multiple sets of end castings.

Tom Madden

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