Re: Buckling Running Board

Tim O'Connor

My first attempt to fix this is to place a very straight piece of
wood I have (about 1/4" x 3/4" x 6") onto the running board and hold
it flat in place after applying tiny amounts of adhesive on the
supports with Bill's "insect specimen" pin. Surprisingly this often
removes the waviness and straightens out the running board. I hold
the board in place with weights or whatever else I can manage while
the glue hardens.

Removal is a last resort for me, but ymmv.


If you can get the complete roof walk off without damage ( use of a very sharp scalpel etc ) then re- attach using canopy glue.

A new RTR BLI 40' boxcar has just arrived with the metal running board buckled upward. It's still attached at both ends but the center portion has lifted off the supports. The running board is somewhat "springy" and when I try to push down on it, the board pops back up and won't lie flat as if it's a bit too long.

I'd like to use canopy glue to re-attach the board but I'm concerned I won't be able to eliminate the possible extra length if that's the problem. Any suggestions before I make a mess of the roof?

George Corral
La Grange, KY

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