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Todd Sullivan

I just noticed the track that the gondolas are on - the one next to the new depot.  Wow, talk about 'green' track!  It reminds me of a temporary logging railroad spur.  No tie plates, shored up with timbers, lumpy and bumpy.

Todd Sullivan
Liverpool, NY

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The ice cars are also interesting. They have reefer doors but no roof hatches. DL&W 5902 seems to have some paper wedged in the upper left door corner to make better seal. There are small stencils in the upper left corners of the ice cars indicating the original owners. And note the Fox trucks and the return route stencils. 

Check out the laborers unloading a gondola beside the new depot. 

These photos have so many cool details!

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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The building under construction is the DL&W Scranton station, but the interesting thing for this list is the freight equipment in the foreground, including an early tank car marked “The Texas Company.”

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