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The tossing of hot rivets was a big part of the steam era, and one that the public doesn't appreciate today since few things are riveted. 

Here's a clip showing Rosie the Riveters doing the task:

Referring to other comments on the photo, the Lackawanna had a busy fleet of ice cars. Those initials below the roof line show the division that owned the cars (Morris & Essex and Syracuse, Binghamton & New York in the photos). Yes, those were basically insulated boxcars. The ice cars were brown with white lettering and black in the herald.

That track against the station construction was indeed temporary, and those hopper-bottom cinder gons are probably there to ballast that track, some of which still has timbers supporting many ties. Note the men in the gons coaxing the cinders through the hopper.

               ....Mike Del Vecchio

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These photos have so many cool details!

I'll say. I was wondering what that thing that looks like a barber's chair is on the right end of the fourth floor deck... Then it dawned on me, it's a rivet forge, for heating rivets.

Dennis Storzek

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