Re: UP System box cars built 1901-1942

Don Strack

It warms my heart to see the online UP Equipment Record being used for projects such as this one by Eric Lombard.

I had previously had an extensive correspondence with Eric Neubauer as he has continued to develop his early Pullman passenger cars lists. The online UP Equipment Record served a small part, mostly to confirm his extensive research.

And now we have Eric Lombard's wonderful efforts about UP's freight cars. I have been hoping that someone would take on such a project. Great work, Eric.

Eric, are you aware of Ed Workman's excellent three-part article about the Common Standard freight cars in The Streamliner, published by Union Pacific Historical Society? You should probably take a look at it, to compare notes and research results, since Ed did not have access to the UP Equipment Record. Here are the issues:

- Volume 11, Number 4 (Fall 1997)
- Volume 12, Number 1 (Winter 1997)
- Volume 16, Number 1 (Winter 2002)

The last volume has a full listing of the CS-era cars.

Don Strack

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