Re: L&N hopper far from home

Todd Horton

I have photo shot by Jim Parker of a C of Ga two bay open hopper in Toronto in the 1950's. I've often wondered what it was carrying to be that far from home rails.
Todd Horton

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Scott Chatfield wrote:

I've heard of CF&I in Pueblo buying coke from Chattanooga which arrived
in L&N hoppers, but Searles, California? Surely pet coke from
Pittsburg, CA would be cheaper after you consider shipping charges. Hmmmm

And if it's just a load of coal, that would be even harder to explain.

     Wish RIchard were here to comment -- I can just hear him say, "logic can be so disappointing, can't it, Scott? But freight cars just went everywhere, even when logic does not seem to explain it."

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