Re: L&N hopper far from home


One of the Color Guides has a photo of a wreck in Montana in 1955 that includes a Reading hopper.

Francis A. Pehowic, Jr.
Sunbury, Pa.

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From:"Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC]"
Date:Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 11:55 pm
Subject:Re: [STMFC] L&N hopper far from home


Eastern hoppers were common in Provo UT, not just Pueblo CO, loaded
with met coal. This one probably was reloaded at one of the mines in
Utah or western Colorado, and THAT source of coal was an everyday commodity
delivered to industries in the Mojave desert, often by way of Donner Pass.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. never saw a Trona caboose before!

>I've heard of CF&I in Pueblo buying coke from Chattanooga which arrived
>in L&N hoppers, but Searles, California? Surely pet coke from
>Pittsburg, CA would be cheaper after you consider shipping charges. Hmmmm
>And if it's just a load of coal, that would be even harder to explain.
>It probably didn't get to the Mojave by way of Sherman Hill, so Mike is
>Really interesting caboose too. Built from a short passenger car maybe?
>Scott Chatfield

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