Re: Black Cement Roofs

Ed Hawkins [STMFC] wrote:

I've opened a SAL 1937 car kit and found a black cement roof. I think this must have been swapped with another kit but can't determine which kit. Besides Santa Fe, NKP and perhaps Erie can anyone tell me of another road that had the 1937 40' Boxcar, single or double door with a black cement roof?


George Courtney
From the Pullman-Standard bills of materials for lot numbers 5768, 5803 (double doors), 5804, and 5806, the following paint identical specs were used for all four orders.

DuPont SAL Standard Color - Sides, ends, underframe, trucks
Black (Car Cement) - Roof
White (Snolite) - Stencils
Fire Plug Red - Monogram background

Repainted cars by railroad car shops are another matter.
Ed Hawkins

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