Re: Black Cement Roofs


Hi George,

The black roof is correct for SAL as-delivered 1937 cars (SAL B-8 and B-9 class).

If you are modeling a car repainted in the mid/late 1950s, the roof should probably be freight car brown.  Photo evidence shows that the railroad repainted the entire carbody with a freight car brown ("BC Red") in that era.  

BTW, all the cars were delivered with steel running boards. 

On Rob Adams' Steam Freight Cars website there is a list of 1937 cars, made by Ed Hawkins and I think Ted Culotta as well, that covers the basic construction features of each SAL car series.  You will find that spreadsheet very helpful.  I have a half-dozen copies squirreled away around the house, and one buried in a jar in the back yard.  

Also, I did a rather extensive article in the SCL Modeler magazine some years ago and can help you with painting and lettering depending on your era.  If you want a copy of the article let me know.

John Golden

Albersbach, Germany

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