Re: USATC Long Flat

Benjamin Hom

Gary Ray asked:
"My friend is doing a clinic on US military cars on German railways after WWII. He has models and photos of the 50’ USATC Long Flat (US Specs) but would like to find a dimensional drawing. I’ve searched the internet without success. He believes the 50’ Walther’s Trainline flat ( is similar. Any help in locating a dimensional drawing or more info on the Walther’s flat (prototype) would be greatly appreciated."

Could you provide a link to a prototype photo? As for the Walthers Trainline flat (not to be confused with their GSC flat car,, it's a direct knockoff of the Athearn 50 ft flat car down to the rivet pattern, number of stake pockets, and oddball handbrake. This model has no prototype. I'm very skeptical that it's a match to the prototype in question, but this model is coincidentally close to a few prototypes, so it's possible . I'll need to see a photo to make the call.

Ben Hom

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