Re: Machining car end?



Glad to see you are still at it. When I've had the time to set it up (an all-nighter for me) I've been using CamBam for my CAM and loading the G-code into DeskCNC for machine control. DeskCNC has its own CAM program but I struggle to use it effectively - or at all. For what I'm trying to do CB is decent.  I use Dassault Systemes Draftsight for 2D CAD and Sketchup for 3D so you can tell what end of the spectrum I'm on. I'm not computer literate so what problems I've had are mostly down to lack of general computing knowledge. CB will do waterline, engraving and imports stl which is what I use for organic shapes coming out of sketchup. In my hands it is also much, much easier to use for general pocketing and contouring than DeskCNC which is the real bonus.  The latest version of CB has 40 free uses so it might be something you can try out. The old free version is buggy on the last computer I used it on (Vista, I think) and the Linux version is above and beyond my present ability to set up and use although I have heard good things from the few I've seen using it.

Andrew Hutchinson
Surrey BC Canada

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