Enhanced HO kits for post-war KCS 40' box car

Andy Carlson

Hi folks-

I have 2 of the following kits made with parts gathered together to more accurately model a KCS 40' AAR post-war box car. KCS 18014, photographed in 1952, is pictured in RPC #8 on page 87.

The 1947 built KCS car is a 10'0" IH box car. A suitable start would be an Intermountain undec kit #40799, the 1937 AAR box car with an inside height of 10"0". This kit, though, has the wrong ends, roof and doors.

Each enhanced kit includes;
1 IMRC #80799 '37 AAR undec box car kit
1 pair of IMRC 3/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends with poling pockets
1 Red Caboose Murphy raised panel roof
1 IMRC etched metal Apex running board
1 pair of South West Models 5-6-5 Improved Youngstown Doors
1 Wegmann detail set includes power brake mounting bracket, running board end supports, Ajax power brake and step and other details
1 Wegmann/Details West AB brake set

Offered for sale at $32, shipping included to US addresses. Contact me off-list (Please) if interested, at .
I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee, I also accept PayPal.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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