Re: Machining car end?


Dennis, Mark,

Thanks to both of you for your insight, it is very useful information.

I'm at the other end of the spectrum doing HSM stuff in the garage and at the kitchen table. So far the CNC rig, when run, has mostly been pattern making in wax but the goal is to produce some small usable moulds of N gauge stuff (ends, roofs, knuckle busters, etc.) to shoot in a small home-made injection moulder for personal use. EDM looks very interesting (seen the machines but not in use) and at about the time I made the IM I looked into making one of the more  popular homebuilt versions but concluded it to be beyond my abilities at present and possibly not really the right machine for the type of cavity I wanted to produce. There was some talk about the erosion on that particular design leaving surfaces that might need significant finishing after the fact which is sort of self defeating for my purposes. I think I can make something simpler for just burning out broken taps/tooling in and around the shop.
Mark's comments regarding blunt cutters and geometry are duly noted.  My home-made T/C grinding setup is incomplete and wouldn't work for small cutters  so I have to either buy new all the time for the CNC or back off silver steel specials in what amounts to a boring head and live with whatever it is I've made - something I  already do when working manually.

Thanks again for your help.

Andrew Hutchinson

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