Re: Box car interior

Todd Sullivan

To add to Dennis's remarks, ...

Boxcar interiors usually exhibited a certain amount of dirt and wear from various ladings.  As boxcars aged and became more decrepit, they were suitable for lower and lower grades of cargo.  When I worked as a clerk in Portland, OR in the early 1960s, boxcars were graded by the car inspectors as suitable for (best to worst):
(NOTE: we shipped 75 carloads of paper/day from a paper warehouse we served.)

RP = paper in rolls (clean and smooth interior, tight doors)
CP = paper in cartons
MDSE = merchandise
GR = grain (car had to have tight floor, sides and doors)
FL = finished lumber
RL = rough lumber
RF = rough freight (rough interior, holes in floor and in side linings, gaps in doors)
FEED = bulk feed (unsuitable for any other lading)
HIDES = green hides (unsuitable for any other lading)

Todd Sullivan
Liverpool, NY

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