Re: Tichy's USRA SS Rebuilt P&LE ~ PMcKY 40 foot box

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I have just built a pair of P&LE rebuilt cars contact me off group if you want photos of what i have done.
Paul Doggett UK

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Good evening,

While preparing for the upcoming PRRPRO group's X26/X26C project, I found two Tichy USRA cars, the original single sheathed kit and a "normal" rebuilt car that I purchased as part of a group of Westerfield cars I purchased, and then forgot about.
Is there a good source for back issues of RMC, specifically the article on the P&LE cars mentioned ago (a long time ago)?  The article mentioned below appears to be beyond the timeline of back issues offered on their website.  I attempted a few google searches, but no luck there either.

Thanks much for any thoughts,
Greg Snook

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