Lube markings practices?

Jim Betz


  Are there any documents available online that discuss/provide

the manner in which lube updates were marked ... over time?

  For example - I just looked at a car on eBay that has a lube

date added to it that was done by the use of "a patch of black

paint that is then stenciled (decaled) with the date".  This was

a car that was built to AAR 1937 standards ... but had been

lubed in Yermo in the middle 60's.

  So I'm wondering if I can "just change the year of the lube

date and it is good to go for a steam era car" ???  Or is the

way this particular model is done applicable only to cars

that were lubed off line in the era it is done as?

  Or do I also have to change the 'method' that the lube

date was done in order to be prototypically correct for the

era this group is focused on (and myself also!).

  And I'm guessing that there might also have been some

changes in terms of the location of the lube data over the

decades.  I'm hoping that it is not - but don't want to bid

on it without knowing how much work I need to do ...


  Yes, I know that there is a large component of "it depends

upon which RR you are talking about" ... I'm looking more for

some "general practices" (if there were any) and also with

respect to the "believability" of the data and the way it is

applied to the car - because it's a lot easier to just change

the year that to redo the entire lube data.

                                                                               - Jim B. 

P.S. An alternative set of answers would be to learn what

       methods the UP did - over the years/decades.  I am

       definitely not "a UP guy".

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