Re: Lube markings practices?

Douglas Harding

Jim as far as I know there were no specifications before 1966, beyond what Dennis posted yesterday. I know of no website that focuses on the subject. But if you look at freight car photos, esp boxcars, you will see the stencil somewhere above or near the right truck, just as Dennis said. It will be two or three lines, small letters, usually white in color with abbreviations for the shop that did the work.

You are asking about detail lettering that was of little or no concern for many years to modelers and manufacturers. And most decal printers probably copied the same info in each new decal set as well. To my knowledge such detail has only become available since folks like Richard Hendrickson and Ted Culotta began pointing it out in their freight car articles. And the manufactures like Lifelike PK2000 began including such lettering on their models. And the decal producers realized there was a market for such detail.


As far as era goes, photos will be your guide. As for locations, any location where railroads had a RIP track might qualify. You will have to hunt down the proper lettering for you specific railroad or location.


Doug Harding


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