Re: Lube markings practices?

Jim Betz

Hi all,

I should have used "Lube/Repack Data" for the subject ... thankfully
you guys knew what I was talking about ... *G* (To answer one
question - no I am not talking about the COTS labels. Too late.)


I just spent almost 2 hours looking at as many photos as I could
find for the era this list is dedicated to - and solidified my thinking
about "the general look and placement of the lube/repack data".
As more than one of you pointed out there are variations but, in

1) The prior data was painted over ... often in a color
that makes them even hard to find - but just as
often in a non-similar color with either black or
tuscan being the most common choice for the

2) Then the new data was stenciled into that patch.

3) The patch is usually - but not always - above the right
truck. If the car has one of those "tabs" sticking down
from the general line of the sill it is often placed in
that tab. I found several cars where it was placed
to the left of the door about half way between the
left edge of the door and the end of the car (mostly
when done by/for UP - what's that about?).

4) As you go backward in time it gets harder and harder to
find this detail. Perhaps they were placed somewhere
else before about 1940? If the photo is dated earlier
than about 1935 or so there does not seem to be any
such detail on the side of the car any where. Did I
miss it?

Tom Birkett sent me a copy of a document detailing what
was included in this info.


If you are doing this detail - whose decals are you using and
what are you doing about the -need- for a variety of 'shops' to
use? And do you have some feeling for how many different
'shops' would be needed in order to have an acceptable feel
for "these cars have been serviced away from their home
roads fairly frequently"?
- Jim

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