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Charles Peck

And not just painted reporting marks. Many truck side frames had the owning RR
initials cast into the side frames. Who will be the first to model THOSE?  
Not me.....
Chuck Peck in FL

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Almost all of the have the reporting marks on the frame -
as well as on the left end of the tank.

Is that so they can be identified when the tank leaves the
frame during a wreck? Something else? Is this a 'standard'
and if so when was it introduced and/or repealed?
- Jim B.


That is actually common on all types of freight cars... Boxcars typically had the reporting marks stenciled inside on the side plate, on the doors (usually on the inside), on the centersill (but normally only on one side), and on the trucks (usually, but not always, on the bolsters.) The whole car could come apart in a wreck, and hopefully all the pieces would end up at home. The centersill stenciling was hard to see, and most often covered with dirt. Those of us who spent time crawling around under work equipment are familiar with these, as they were seldom changed when the car went in work service, and thus were the car's last revenue number.

Dennis Storzek

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