Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Lube markings practices?


One more source, not previously mentioned, is the MRS (Monon Railway Supply?) repack sheet.  I bought a set of these, possibly in the late nineties, and I've probably only used one-third of it.

Repack, of course, is in 1" or so letters usually, at least during our time of interest.  So not necessary to be that precise, as long as it looks right.  Reweigh data is in 3" lettering sizes, usually, to match the capacity and light weight data.  None of which, as a rule, was stenciled all that precisely if done with hand-held stencils.

A few railroads, not many, had distinctive repack stenciling.  There was the MoPac style, in which the word REPACKED and the station were curved around the center line containing the date.  You might not be able to read the data but it's recognizable.

Ron Merrick

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