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Ed Hawkins

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Good point. I should have been more specific.

The car shown in the photo is a 40' plug door car, painted box car red. The lettering to the left of the door is minimal. Reporting marks "K.C.S." Car Number 1701, and data. Right of the door, a big rectangle with DF inside and the word "insulated" beneath, and the data. The lettering looks like it is white, and all is in Roman Style.
I am lousy at identifying car builders, etc., but this car has a "bowtie" style roof.
Of course, I have no way of knowing if the model is correct!
The description helps. The prototype cars were 5 PS-1 insulated box cars, KCS 1700-1704, built ca. 8-60 with 8' door openings & plug doors. Pullman-Standard built about 223 cars of this general type in July-September 1960 for CGW, KCS, Merchants Despatch (NRBX and NYRX reporting marks), and a single car for Trans-Leasing, TLCX 10. The roof and ends were proprietary components made by Pullman-Standard. Given these box cars were insulated, the PS-1 roof was the Z-U eave design as was typical on insulated box cars and reefers.
Ed Hawkins

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