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Years ago Ambroid (IIRC) offered the Unicel car(s) in their 1 of 5000 series kits. Your friend might find one of these on Ebay, or at a swap meet. The instructions are really what he wants from the kit, which should give painting instructions. Decals, if they are still there, are likely to be toast.

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A friend of mine is working on the Unicel 1950 and 1951 box cars/refrigerator cars that had bodies constructed of plywood laminated with plastic, if I understand him properly. They were apparently manufactured by PSCC in 1950 and MAY have gone to the ACL a few years later.


Apparently the car lettering and paint schemes are different, plus # 1950 has ice hatches, whilst # 1951 does not. Either or both may have a silver, white, or blue roof - photos do not make this clear.


He is designing decals and is looking for info on the lettering on either or both of these cars.


Plus he’s looking for good pictures/ dimensions for the cars' details, so an accurate model can be made of each - this includes the corner steps, coupler mounts, and the removable refrigeration unit mounted under #1951.


His aim is to scratchbuild models of both these cars in HO.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Dave North


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