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A&Y Dave in MD

You've given me a model for sharing my Southern Railway 1934 train info! Right now it is still PDF scans and a growing Excel spreadsheet.

I can easily convert to html tables.


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I have just completed another 627 NYC train consists covering a Toledo-Fort
Wayne way freight and 3 branches that radiate out of Hillsdale, Michigan in
the years 1933-1936 and 1941-1944. Adding these to the previous consists
brings a total of 1325 trains listed on the website.

Toledo Airline - 334 trains

Ypsilanti Branch - 150 trains

Fort Wayne Branch - 126 trains

Lansing Branch - 17 trains

Previous consists:
Western Division - 45 trains

Toledo-Lake Division - 641 trains

Canada Southern - 12 trains

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario

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