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No not a milk car, unless Carling was brewing milk stout. Yes, it certainly is set up for passenger train service. Its destination might have been a subsidiary bottling/kegging plant . . .  or else a VERY busy pub. :~)

Seriously, this seems similar to interior diagrams I have seen for Pfaudler-General American milk cars, though the jacketed tanks are more robust, as might be expected since they are exposed. They are likely glass lined or stainless steel. See Gregg TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA #3, or page 194 of the 1931 CAR BUILDERS' CYCLOPEDIA. Note the small sliding door at the top of the housing, which is very similar to Pfaudler cars. If the analogy holds, this small door was the entry point for filling/emptying hoses, and the housing protected a compressor and fittings (per the Gregg description).

Cool car (pun intended). I wonder how many of these were built, and whether they were successful.

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Is this a milk car?  It seems to be set up for passenger train service.



Paul Kattner

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