Re: Arch Bar Trucks in the 1940's

Todd Horton

There is a "Centre Alabama". 😃.  Todd Horton 

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This photo was not taken in the US! Look closely and you can see a European style buffer against the ramp.

Also look at the lettering on the angled part on the left. I don't see "centre" spelled that way in the US in the 1930-50 time span.

Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX

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I am currently building some 1/35 scale Shermans and ran across this interesting photo of Arch Bar trucks in use in 1942 or after. I don't recognize the reporting marks. At first I thought it might be a flat owned by Baldwin but they did not build any M4A1 versions with the cast hull. Could wartime conditions have caused some owners to continue to use Arch Bars? The flats wheels are interesting too.

Bill Welch

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