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A&Y Dave in MD

Only some early 20's passenger train books with less detail survived intact. But I had already scanned the rest in fairly high resolution, saved into PDFs, and shared them with several people, notably Al Brown. Al sent me back the PDFs (one per train recorded) as well as his Excel transcriptions. So the originals are gone, but the content is still available!

I have ten 16gb flash drives on which I'm copying all my shareable photos and data (some photos are copyrighted and not shareable). I'm just glad I backed up most stuff on CDs which were in another room and survived! I'm sending those drives to good friends and fellow Southern and A&Y researchers as my own personal cloud. I'd rather share this info and help it survive with people who know and care, then hoard it and have it lost to another event or if I die (my wife knows I have stuff, but not what it's worth or to whom it should go). I don't find the time to share via web as well as Tom Daspit.  


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> You've given me a model for sharing my Southern Railway 1934 train info! Right now it is still PDF scans and a growing Excel spreadsheet.
> I can easily convert to html tables.

Dave, did your conductors' books survive your recent fire?

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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