Re: Illinois Terminal 40' post-war enhanced kit box car

Bill Welch

When Andy Carlson slipped up (an easy mistake to make) and sent his message to Fenton via the group instead of offline in a PVT message, he also let it slip that he is expecting a shipment from InterMountain of some Undecorated Red Caboose X29 and 1923 ARA kits.

Just a reminder that Speedwitch has several products for these kits: PRR and B&O M26/A/B/C decals, B&O Duryea U/F and M26D/E decals and conversion kits w/decals to model MEC and LNE ARA types with new roofs, doors, etc.

For myself I made some modeling notes (w/help from my friend John King re: the B&O M26 class) for the details I want to pay attention to when building my models. My chief source are photos from my collection. It is still incomplete regarding which Tahoe trucks are appropriate for some of the versions but maybe it will help some of you with your own models. Note that it is specific to my modeling situation: October 1955.

X29, M-26 & 1924 ARA Plan Notes PDF.pdf

This is set of notes to supplement Ted Culotta's Clinic handout done several years ago and his modeling notes in "Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual Volume One" to help me with some of the small details I want to include on my models. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes regarding the details.

Bill Welch

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