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To all my FB friends who knew Stan Rydarowicz. Beginning Sunday evening
I will start listing some of Stan's material on EBay. I will try to do
approximately 10 or more per week as my time permits. This is a labor of
love for a good friend who is no longer with us. I am doing this with
the permission of Diane Rydarowicz
<> who is Stan's executor.
My EBay user ID is Marksd45.
I will also use the term
"Rydarowicz train collection" in the description fields.
Please feel free to share this on the various RR model and Historical
Society pages.
I have a 100% rating and I generally start the auctions on Sunday evenings.
Stan has some exquisite models and this will be a fair way to ensure
anyone has and equal shot at this material.
There will also be some items that are not as unique sold at the
Youngstown Model RR Flea Market at McMenamys Banquet Hall in Niles OH on
April 10th

Hello Mark

Some interesting stuff there.

I would love to participate but you are using the the Global Shipping Program. That program adds high shipping charges and Bogus import fees to things shipped to Canada.

For example the "Santa Fe 40' Steel Reefer SFRD 21376" for a current bid of $21.12 wants $16.63 for International Priority Shipping and an additional $ 7.75 for Import charges.

The shipping rate is not too bad but Trains are duty free so there are No import Charges. Somebody, not you, is pocketing money for nothing.

Bill Dixon

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