Re: The Stan Rydarowitz Collection

Barry Bennett

To add to Bill Dixon's comments, it is as bad to the UK. If you offer items for sale on eBay please do not use the Global Shipping Program because I and a growing number of other people will not bid or buy.

The program does not permit combined postage, so 2 or more items in one package has to pay full postage on each item. Books are tax free in the UK and Europe, we prefer to boost literacy and knowledge rather than the tax take, yet Global Shipping claims to pay tax. Also items of value of $22.00 or less are tax free anyway.

I bought 2 RPC's, paid $7 USPS internal mail to Pitney Bowes plus $33.78 in shipping charges/tax, and when the package arrived it has USPS postage of $3.72 attached. Had the Vendor posted direct to me it would have cost about $10.75 or thereabouts, rather less than the $40.78 I paid out.

Also, there is no invoicing or paperwork to show what tax was paid, if ANY tax was paid and, consequently, no way for me to query payment with, or reclaim from, UK Tax Authorities.

Apologies if this breaks site rules but it is info that I hope will benefit and inform site members.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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