Re: The Stan Rydarowitz Collection

Greg Martin

You have to remember this wasn't necessarily his private fleet (except the RS-1 which was) these were the cars he used for display for his kits so there were differences in the re-weigh dates to closer represent the eras that the cars were common to in most cases.
Part of Mark's due diligence to the estate is to recover Stan's resin masters. We know where some were produced he will be contacting them, but any help in the recovery would be very appreciated as the estate views those masters part of Stan's line and an asset to the estate.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
Mike Skibbe writes:

"In reviewing the first batch of models, it is interesting to note that Stan chose to put different re-weigh stencils on each side of the models.  Does anyone remember talking to him about his thoughts on the matter?  Was he assembling multiple era fleets? 
Mike Skibbe"

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