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Maybe this will help. I've used a lot of his decals, they are very good quality. 

Tim Alund

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I have assembled and painted a Sunshine 67.20 GM&O 40’ 11 panel gon and have noticed that the decals are silver.  Now, I don’t know a lot about the GM&O but this doesn’t seem right so are there any experts out there?  If the decals are not correct can a substitute be recommended?

GM&O had four series of similar gondola cars built by ACF from 1944 to 1953 in series 13000-13124 (lot 2694, 8-44), 13500-13599 (lot 3297, 12-48), 13600-14099 (lot 3395, 9-49), and 14400-14799 (lot 4120, 10-53). The 1944 cars had fixed Dreadnaught while the other three had fixed Improved Dreadnaught Ends. All cars came with riveted steel floors. 

The following paint specs come from ACF bills of materials for the first 3 series and ACF drawing 220-7904 for the last series.

Lot 2694: Sherwin-Williams Black - outside of sides & ends, trucks, Milar black car cement - u/f; white - stencils.

Lot 3297: Black (semi-flat) -entire car; white - stencils.

Lot 3395: Black car cement - entire body, u/f; black paint - trucks; aluminum - stencils.

Lot 4120: Flintkote #1 Black Car Cement - outside of sides & ends, u/f; black paint - AB brake parts, trucks; Prismo reflecting glass beads - reporting marks, car numbers; aluminum - all other stencils.

One additional series 14100-14399 was built in 1952 by Pullman-Standard (lot 8032), however, I don’t have paint specs for these cars.

Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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