Re: DT&I 41' Gon was GM&O Gon

Daniel Kohlberg

I prefer to save the phrase "stand in at best" for some other project.

I built my GM&O cars from my stash of P2K kits in 2005 or so.  Maybe I am missing something, but...

-The P2K gon allows me to get the right length in 2 major cuts.  The Athearn Gon requires 6 major cuts. (4 to shorten body, 2 to remove ends)

-The P2K Gon gives me the right ends.  The Athearn route requires scratch built or custom cast ends.

-The P2K Gon give me the right underframe, trimmed similar to the body, complete with brake gear.  The Athearn Gon has an incorrect drop centersill with no brake gear.

-The P2K Gon has correct stirrups, grabs etc. out of the box,  It also gives me interior and floor detail.

-The P2K Gon is a finer level of tooling, and just as cheap.  Who didn't buy stacks of P2K kits back in the day for $5?

-And even more importantly for me: my P2k cars were a 2-day project.

I understand the merits of a Shake and Take project, and that things are donated for some group fun and group execution of the same model.  But I really don't care about that. 

The Athearn Gon just seems like the long way to go, even if it is "free."  Yes, I do get a slightly cheated floor height with the P2K Gon.  Yes, the 4 middle ribs on the side drop are a hair short on a P2K kitbash.  This can be fixed with some styrene modeling.  Perhaps some of us consider that easier than scratch building ends and dealing with the shortcomings of a 50 year old Athearn kludge. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dan Kohlberg

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This will result in a stand in at best. There is no simple way to do this except for a bash with the Athearn car.
Greg Martin
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I was just looking at three unbuilt Proto2000 52' gons the other day thinking I don't need three, but the link provided for the GM&O decals give me another idea. A simple kitbash by cutting the three middle sections of the Proto2000 52' gon as described at the link above gives me a 41' DT&I Gon that works in my 1949 modeling year.

Now does anyone know where I can get decals and a photo of said gon?


Mark P Stamm
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