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Greg Martin

Mark and all,
I know Jim Singer said after Cocoa Beach that he was planning on rerunning several sets of the Shake N Take decals this one included, but, I don't want to put word in his mouth, simply call him. If he is not at home leave a message along the lines of, "hey Jim, I need a set (or several) of XXX decals for this project (interject any SHAKE N TAKE or other decal set) call me back I am writing out the check now..."  Jim won't take your money and not provide like some others, but I would still get the details from him.
Greg Martin  
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It has been whispered that at one time 5th Avenue Car Shops had decals for DT&I. I went to the website they are not listed and there is no email address. If someone knows how to reach Jim I'm in for 2 sets on top of Pierre's 3. 


Mark P Stamm
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