Re: Palomar Observatory Mirror Blank Delivery 5/12/1936

James Babcock

Definitely like to see the model photos

On Friday, February 19, 2016 5:18 AM, "'Earl Tuson' etuson@... [STMFC]" wrote:

> Catching up on historical society pubs and came across John Signor's "Santa Fe and the Stars" in the 3rd Quarter 2015
issue of the SFRH&MS Warbonnet documenting the delivery of a 200" mirror blank from Pyrex via Santa Fe Extra 3157 on
May 12, 1936.

There is an HO model display of these cars with their load located at the observatory museum. I didn't have my FC
resources with me at the time to check every tiny detail, but the models were clearly built by a prototype modeler. I may be
able to dig up photos of the models that we took if anyone cares to see them.

Earl Tuson

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