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Schuyler Larrabee

I think this has been established but . . . Greg, you wrote:


and the cars were delivered in freight car red


But they were painted black later on, right?  Has anybody established WHEN that color change happened??  And, if/when they were painted black, did the lettering remain the same, or was it changed?




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I need an extra set as wells so that makes six... LOL Not sure that will get the job done. We'll see what we can get done, Singer is a good dude and I might just have to pay for a piggy back on his next run.


My first car is awaiting decals. We had a little controversy over the original car color, some believed it to be Black and not freight car color like the 52'6" Greenville car.  John Greedy did a little more research beyond what has been done and the cars were delivered in freight car red just as Mont and I had painted our. Whew!


I still have to reproduce a maters for the car end as I had promised..., "all in good time my little pretty..."


Greg Martin  


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Between Pierre and I you have demand for five sets. Who else is interested in these decals?

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