Re: DT&I gon - a perpsective

Richard Townsend

I will take a set.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] DT&I gon - a perpsective

Between Pierre and I you have demand for five sets. Who else is interested in these decals?

Mark P Stamm
Mark at Euphoriatt dot Com

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On Feb 20, 2016, at 10:13 AM, SooBaldwin@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

Jim Singer is planning on going to Darnaby's Sunday...
Mike Smeltzer

On Saturday, February 20, 2016 cfrench39 <STMFC@...> wrote:
If Jim Singer is at the Maumee session Sunday, I will ask him about
the DTI gon decals.

Chet French
Dixon, IL
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