Re: seeking reference: original specs: USRA 50 ton SS boxcar



    The best suggestion I can offer to you is to find a copy of the 1922 Car Builders
Cyclopedia and invest in it. In doing so you will have drawings and specification for
the USRA 40 ton double-sheathed boxcars, the 40 and 50 ton USRA single-sheathed 
cars that you seek, the 50 ton USRA all steel boxcar AND A BONUS in the CPR
variation of the USRA single-sheathed car with the grain hopper that initiated your
current research, 

   I am fortunate to have eight Car Builders Cyclopedias spaced out from 1919 to
1961 and believe I would be absolutely lost without them. I would love to fill out 
what I have with one from 1925 or 1928 but expect one will be found sooner or
later. I use them far more often than my half dozen Locobuilders Cycs. The 
Carbuilders Cycs. are worth their weight in gold, in my opinion, especially for
the era that folks like you and I model.

My best, Don Valentine

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