SOLD-all spoken for:SP B-50-25 12 panel 40' enhanced boxcar kit

Andy Carlson

I am sold out on these 3 kits. I won't have any additional ones until I get some replacement parts.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

I have three enhanced kits of the Southern Pacific's unique 40' 12 panel boxcars built 11-47, class SP B-50-25; SP 21750-22249. Though there were many 100s more of this class built beyond the 500 cars of this sub-series, these cars had both Ajax power brakes and Apex metal running boards which are included in this enhanced kit. (Info from Tony Thompson and Richard Hendrickson in an RMC article in the 1990s).

Intermountain sells an undecorated Great Northern 12 panel box car kit. Correct body, but it has the wrong ends, ladders, roof, running board and doors.

I have this enhanced Intermountain 12 panel box car kit with the following parts:
1 new Intermountain undec 12 panel box car kit
1 pair of the 5/5/5 Interim Improved Youngstown corrugated doors (The Overnight doors) by SouthWest Scale Models.
1 pair of IMRC 3/4 improved Dreadnaught ends with poling pockets
1 IMWX/Red Caboose 1937 AAR 40' Murphy rectangular panel roof
1 IMRC etched metal Apex Tri-Lock running board.
1 additional Intmt 8-rung ladder sprue for the car ends

The SouthWest Scale Models 5/6/5 improved Youngstown doors are cast in injected molded styrene, and are correct for this sub-class SP B-50-25 40' boxcar, . The IMWX/Red Caboose roof is the industries' best '37 AAR panel roof, and fits nicely on the Intermountain body after removing the top of the end-bulkhead by about 1/4 inch with rail nippers.Intermountain made the tooling for the Red Caboose '37 AAR box car and for some strange reason did the roof correctly for IMWX/RC, but incorrectly for their own in-house '37 AAR car.

The extra ladder sprue provides the needed 8-rung end ladders, as the Intermountain set has ladders for the GN 12 panel box cars, and while the GN used 8-rung ladders on the car sides, they used 7-rung ladders for the ends, utilizing a hand grab iron for the 1st step on the ends. With the supplied extra ladders, all 4 ladders are correctly 8-runged.

 Also, the 12 panel kit typically comes with either the R+3/4 IDE, or the 3/4 IDE without poling pockets, neither which is correct. I include the correct end which has poling pockets, which these  GN derived kits never had.  The best decals for these cars is made by Speedwitch models (not included) and the best trucks are Kato A-3 ride controls (not included).

Price is $33, shipping by 1st class air mail included. I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee, I accept PayPal.
Questions should be directed to me OFF-LINE (Please) at
-Andy Carlson

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