Re: Palomar Observatory Mirror Blank Delivery 5/12/1936


From the most excellent book by Ronald Florence:  "The Perfect Machine":

Loaded at Corning on NYC

(through Rochester)

(routed for short distance on DL&W near Buffalo)

(went through Cleveland, Indianapolis, Charleston, Ill.)

To CB&Q at St. Louis

(routed through Cameron Junction, MO)

To ATSF at Kansas City

(detour near Albuquerque) 

(over Cajon Pass)

Deliver at East Pasadena

trip was 14 days, travel only during daylight, max speed 25 mph

load height was almost 18' over rails

railroad cranes were used for loading and unloading at each end--the Santa Fe supplied the 150 ton Barstow crane (load weight 35 tons)

There is a superb photo of a Santa Fe Mike pulling the train here (near the bottom):

Palomar Skies: April 2010

I also found a shot of "most" of the NYC train here:

While wading through the few online photos that I could find, I did find a kupla interesting things.  One is that the NYC well flat had archbar trucks without springing.  You can see a decent photo of the in an adjacent photo to the Santa Fe train I mentioned above.  Imagine.  Hauling a giant piece of glass with no supporting springs.  They must have thought about that option a LOT.

The other thing is here:

Exhibitions | Corning Museum of Glass

If you look at photo #3 in the album series, you see a shot that appears to be the loading of the well flat in Corning.  The problem I'm having is that, while the load appears to be suspended 3' above the car, I don't see anything holding it up.  I see no visual connection between the crane and the lifting frame.  Maybe I'm just (not) seeing things.  But it looks weird to me.


Edward Sutorik 

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