I have kept the replies to my questions on the proper trucks not only for my inquiries but for those of others,
You never know when you will need information on a car that you are doing.I was looking at one of Richard
Hendrickson's post the other day in which he had recommended Accurail andrews trucks over all others
for a Santa Fe BX-6 boxcar. His reasoning was the bolster ends. I got a pair of Accurail Andrews trucks
on when I compared them to Tahoe Models trucks I noticed that the didtance between the axels was slightly
greater on the Accurail trucks. As I am constantly reviewing may completed models as well as those in
progress and this discrepancy sort of hit home. I have a completed Westerfield S-40-4 stock car on which the
trucks (Accurail) seemed a bit long. This may have been emphasized by the fact that the stock car is a
36' car.

Has anyone else noticed this and just what is the actual axel spacing on Andrews trucks?

Bill Pardie

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